create safe, dynamic highways with moveable barrier

Quickchange® Moveable Barrier (QMB) is designed to cost effectively increase capacity and reduce congestion by making more efficient use of new or existing roadways. Applications include high volume highways where additional right-of-way may not be available, where environmental concerns may exist, or where the lack of funding may slow or inhibit support for new construction.

The system can transfer a mile of high performance concrete barrier up to two lanes in less than 10 minutes, offering agencies an innovative strategy for making our congested highway system more efficient, safe and functional. These benefits can be realized in less than one year and at a fraction of the cost of building new highway lanes, especially lanes for bridges, tunnels and viaducts.

  • Creates managed lanes at a fraction of the cost of new construction
  • Adds lanes for bridges, tunnels and other bottleneck locations
  • Improves highway capacity utilizing existing infrastructure
  • Provides positive barrier protection to eliminate crossover accidents
  • Low barrier deflection during impact
  • Superior vehicle stability compared to permanent and portable barrier